Chinese Social Networks You Must Know

Chinese social networks are accessed from all over the world.  A young Chinese student in Dallas is tapping into the same Chinese social network his compatriot is accessing from Shanghai.  When looking to connect with Chinese consumers you must be establishing a presence amongst the key Chinese social network.   The Chinese social media landscape looks very different to the key sites that populate the western channels.  We have prepared a thorough list of popular Chinese social network sites that you will find useful as you begin to flush out a Chinese social media strategy.

Download the full list of China Social Networks here. Mailman_Social_Network_China_2011

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Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins

I'm the CEO & Founder of Mailman Group. In 2007 I thought to myself 'where is the most difficult place to do business?' and found my way to China. A born entrepreneurial junkie, sports enthusiast and technology commentator I'm not going anywhere soon.
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