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Our Story

Mailman has become a symbol of China’s revolutionary spirit and its desire for progress. Before tweets, our team was delivering postKard media throughout China’s restaurants and shops. We took pride with every delivery. It was creative, it was fun, and it presented an opportunity to tell a story. Then the world changed and smartphones became our best friends. People chose to post a selfie on their Moments and interact with each other on Weibo. We knew we had to evolve. We couldn’t just stand here and watch the world go by. PostKards were quickly becoming extinct, so we observed and learned the ways of the millennial warrior, and like all entrepreneurs we adapted. The Internet forged more opportunities for storytelling and social media made sharing easy. We saw that the Chinese were beginning to travel as they were curious and eager to see more of the world. At the same time people were running, staying active, and kicking around a ball… this was a sign. The rest is history.

The Future

We’re building China’s most dynamic sports ecosystem, giving global sports properties, athletes and leagues access to more fans, commercial opportunities, investment and above all, a successful business in China.

Our vision is to inspire China's next generation of global superstars.

“Through the story telling of professional sports icons, we inspire millions of young people to stand up, take charge and aim for glory.”

Andrew Collins


Leadership Team

Our team is over 80 people across 13 nationalities, with the majority being local Chinese experts across our key disciplines in digital, media, commercialisation, investment and marketing.

Andrew Collins
Group CEO

Our CEO, and chief motivational officer Andrew sets our company strategic vision and it’s never easy. Loves tennis, AFL and winning.

David Hornby
Business Strategy Director

David is responsible for engaging the world’s sporting elite, sharing the Mailman story and identifying trends within China’s landscape. When not on the road, he enjoys football, tennis and karaoke.

Charlene Chen
Partnership Director

Charlene loves to work hard, celebrating the wins and learning from any losses. Photography, traveling and cycling are what keep her inspired.

Bin Li
VP Investment

Bin is the power broker within our company. He drives investment and advisory services with a majestic will to find value in anything. Loves to dine at any occasion.

Michael Lin
Tourism Director

Michael is responsible for business development. He is a true believer in good karma and is always striving to deliver value to his clients.

Iris Chen
Operations Director

A two-time rock star winner with our company, Iris bleeds the culture and people. First in, last out, she is an inspiration to the rest of us.

Justin Tan
VP Strategy

Justin focuses on driving new areas of growth for Mailman. In his spare time, he enjoys reading historical novels and current affairs, going to gym and sports.

Gideon Clark
Sports Account Director

Gideon is a people person. In the office, he most enjoys playing Coach and seeing his team collect wins. You can also find him on the court dishing assists with a smile.

Ruofu Zhu
Sports Team Director

Ruofu is the heart and soul of our marketing team. He ensures our goals are aligned with those of our clients to deliver best practice, he’s also a keen observer of Game of Thrones.

Alex Duncan
Product Lead KAWO

Alex has a passion for user experience and drives our product vision. When not crafting pixels or writing code he is most likely to be found cycling.

Tang Xiaoming

Chairman of WeCapital, board member of Mailman, Mr Tang offers unrivaled experience and guidance to our leadership team.

Chen Xin

Most active among our advisory committee, Mr Chen ensures our company is properly resourced and collaboration is followed within our investor network.

Hou Yuhua

Mr Hou is the CEO of WeSai, the WeChat sports ticketing business. A dynamic personality and passionate sports lover, Mr Hou explores new ways to collaborate with Mailman partners.