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Our mission is to help global sports & travel organisations succeed in China.

Our History


Established in 1999, Mailman has become a symbol of China’s revolutionary spirit and its desire for progress. Before tweets, our team was delivering postKard media throughout China’s bustling restaurants. We took pride in every delivery. But then the world changed, smartphones became our new best friends and it was time to adapt to modern China.


We did what we knew best.

As China’s youth began playing sport, the digital and content landscapes also took shape. It was early 2009 and there wasn’t a single global sports team actively engaging with Chinese fans, we knew the opportunity was to make that possible. The Chinese were curious, willing to engage, football was on the rise, the NBA was growing and the world’s superstars had to be a part of it.


The travel industry saw explosive growth just as this digital market grew. We took an early opportunity to help craft unique digital programs for American Airlines, Brand USA and New York City as we served in social media, content and video to redesign the way destinations told their story in China.


We started building communities around professional teams.

Liverpool FC became the first professional football team on Chinese social media when we launched them in 2010. Fast forward 7 years and we’ve since built programs for over 50 global rights holders including the Bundesliga, NFL, Kobe Bryant, UFC, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and AC Milan. Our clients have seen their Chinese communities explode, creating hundreds of new opportunities across avenues such as media, commercial, e-commerce and touring.


Our group evolved.

As the business grew, so did our people, our expertise and our reach across China’s vast sports & travel ecosystem. We now deliver services across digital, media, technology, advisory and investment – supporting our mission of helping professional sports & travel organisations realise success in China.


We are not alone.

In 2016 we began to explore local investment by engaging China’s most dynamic and influential investors across the sports, travel, media and technology industries. As of late 2016, we’re proud to have the very best in China on board and supporting our mission. They include WeCapital, WeSai, Yao Capital and Kaixin Capital.


Now the future we’re building.

As the industry develops, we’re ensuring we stay nimble, aggressive, honest and set the standard through our professional services. We aim to build an ecosystem of companies that support our clients to realise success in China, giving them access to more fans, more opportunities and more investment. We’re always in it together.