FC Barcelona Service Design

Service Design

Business Objectives

FC Barcelona is one of the world’s most recognisable and prestigious sports brands. The club has an immensely complicated range of products and services, with a diverse and global set of audiences, which makes effective planning, resource distribution and commercial delivery complex.

Our position as experts meant we were able to give clear perspective on the complex digital ecosystem.

Seven League was asked to look at the bigger picture and achieve clarity on the total service design in order to deliver market leading user experience and commercial viability

Our Approach

-We analysed and mapped the club’s product and service ecosystem
-We worked with the key stakeholders inside the club to understand the relative priorities and dependencies of products and services, and how those linked with user journeys
-With deep industry and sector knowledge, we benchmarked it against optimal service design based on internal and external user requirements
-We then developed a model to encapsulate the multi-dimensional perspectives
-We used that model to help the team inside the club make clear and prioritised decisions about strategic focus


We delivered a comprehensive service design map of the current and future products and services of FC Barcelona - this included an actionable roadmap for product and service development

Operational efficiencies were identified and implemented, meaning staff resource was better deployed to concentrate on other important projects

We helped deliver cross-departmental strategic clarity about the focus for digital services

We delivered an easy-to-digest schematic to help communicate internally (and to partners) the range, scale and interconnectedness of the club’s digital operations. This informed the future roadmap for development priorities

For the first time, the club has a understanding of the revenue flow throughout its digital service and so the decision-making architecture is informed and improved

The club’s digital service is now more profitable, for both direct digital revenues and servicing sponsors AND offers a better experience to new and existing fans

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