FIFA Fan Movement

Community Management

Business Objectives

As the governing body and steward of the beautiful game, FIFA’s mission is to bring football closer to the fans and fans closer to the football. Their aim, as part of FIFA 2.0 was to be the No.1 digital destination for the global football fan community by 2022.

In October 2017, FIFA started working with Seven League on a project to bring fans closer to football and introduce their voices at the heart of the organisation.

Seven League proposed a pioneering project - a game- changer for the sport. It needed not only to be unique within FIFA’s experience, but globally. Our Fan Movement is not just a one-off campaign, it’s a relationship that has grown over two years and continues to evolve…

Our Approach

Seven League devised a plan to develop a global and football-focused micro-influencer network

We undertook intensive research to identify over 3,500 potential candidates across worldwide. Initially we carefully recruited 449 passionate football fans from 42 countries and from all areas of the game and a variety of backgrounds. The Fan Movement has now grown to almost 1,000 members

On a daily, weekly and monthly basis we develop content plans and challenges that support FIFA’s plans and activities; creating inspiring and engaging UGC for FIFA

Between them the fans filmed over 40 hours of content about the things that matter to them in the beautiful game

We produced dozens of professionally post-produced videos to share this content with a wider audience on FIFA’s own channels


We officially launched via FIFA channels on 14 June 2018 and in that time the Fan Movement has made a huge impact on the international football community: Members have taken part in over 40 challenges, 8 official FIFA events and 9 FIFA World Cup tournaments

-We’ve had over 15k UGC submissions from the community, with over 17,000 native posts on their own channels
-Fan Movement content has generated 100s of millions of impressions, engagements & video views on FIFA’s channels
-The Fan Movement has delivered many million $$ in media value
-We created an organic movement from the ground up. This global community democratises football and inspires people to participate, follow and attend
-Empowered and supported by a few visionaries inside FIFA, we have helped change FIFA’s relationship with fans
-The project has been transformational in bridging the gap between football’s global governing body and those engaging with the game at a grassroots level

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