LCFC Web Tender, Redevelopment & Vendor Management

Tech Stack

Business Objectives

2016 will be remembered by most LCFC fans as the year they won their first Premier League title, however it also saw the beginning of a long-term digital transformation project; The digital strategy we set with the club began with fixing the foundations: outdated and buggy web platforms. This presented an opportunity to achieve the Club’s wider strategic vision for a truly unified digital fan experience; It led to a decision to renew their underlying ticketing, e-commerce, CRM and business intelligence technology platforms at the same time in order to drive ROI; As the club’s primary digital partner, Seven League was tasked with delivering this strategic vision

Our Approach

In a unique and expansive project, Seven League ran multiple tender processes simultaneously to redevelop LCFC’s entire web ecosystem from scratch:

- We worked with the club to define their specific requirements from each of the vendors – the features, functionality and full scope of the work;
- We appointed and integrated 5 vendors in just a 5-month development window;
- We helped deliver, Ticketing & Hospitality, ecommerce, retail EPOS and inventory management and Single Sign On, CRM and the Business Intelligence systems that link them all together;

While that was an achievement in itself - virtually no other football club in Europe had done this - it was the subsequent commercial value the platforms delivered that made the project really special.


- At launch, LCFC were one of only 3 European clubs to have SSO across brand, ticketing and ecommerce sites;
- Online share of ticket sales jumped to 60% from 22%;
- Ecommerce conversion rates up from <2% to >4%, with particular impact on mobile. Previously mobile traffic was 48% of traffic but only 22% of revenue. That's now 72% of traffic and 53% of revenue;
- Retail rewards scheme runs across; Fanstore & ecommerce, enabling the club to replace flat discounts with cashback equivalents, redeemable against future purchases - keeping that revenue within the club;
- LCFC are now one of just 5-6 European clubs to run Catalogue marketing on Facebook for retail (managed by 7L), consistently returning revenues ~15x ad spend;
- 150,000 registered digital members (free) through SSO;
- Commendations at Football Business Awards & Sports Tech Awards;

As we approach the 3-year anniversary of this project, we are looking afresh at LCFC’s tech stack, to ensure it’s fit for 2020 and beyond.

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