Lionesses Social Media Training

Training & Mentorship

Business Objectives

Ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019, The FA recognised that the event would bring a different level of exposure to England’s Lionesses on social media.

The FA wanted to ensure their senior squad was ready to capitalise on this interest and that meant optimising their personal social media channels.

The players needed to be brought up to speed on social media and how to use it; from the basics (being findable and followable) through to best practices and how social media can contribute to growing their profile and giving them a voice.

Seven League was engaged to train the players in how to leverage these new audiences and capitalise on the opportunities social media provides, while also protecting them from harmful exposure.

Our Approach

Seven League led a social media workshop at St George’s Park with the entire Lionesses squad, detailing the best practices of social media and how players could use it to their benefit.

We conducted research on each player in the squad, examining their social media presence and usage, ranking them against the Seven League ‘Building to Brilliance’ model.

We also examined their social pasts, highlighting the risks of off-the-cuff historic posts and encouraging them to be mindful of how they interact on social media in the future.

Several follow-up one-to-one workshops were carried out with individual players.

The value of these sessions was underlined when our work was extended to include several Lionesses Legends – helping them navigate social media in their post-football careers.


Players embraced new ways of engaging with their fans (e.g. Instagram Stories) and implemented many of our recommendations (e.g. increased use of graphics and team assets).

Players became even better ambassadors for the game, promoting both themselves and their teams ahead of and during the World Cup.

Lionesses were seen to actively embrace the social aspect of social media, responding to fans, as well as engaging with other members of the squad to help boost their respective profiles.

They took more control over their channels, promoting their own news and being active in celebrating causes they champion.

The Lionesses captured the heart of the nation at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Many of the players used social media in a greatly-improved way during the tournament. They are now role models on and off the pitch, growing women’s football nationwide and inspiring girls to take up the game.

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