NBA Digital Product Localisation

Platform Strategy

Business Objectives

The NBA have a range of well-produced digital products, from websites to native mobile apps and their OTT service League Pass. The NBA knew that different markets have different needs and that components like language, tone-of-voice and service would need to be optimised at a country to country level.

These variations can come from cultural, socio-economic or simply web infrastructure differences between markets; particularly relevant when the main content format being consumed is video.

Seven League were engaged to develop different digital product features in 5 key markets (Spain, India, Japan, Brazil and Mexico) and test these using research groups with sports fans in each market.

Our Approach

An extensive five-month research project had four main stages:

-Desk-based research into the cultural, economic and infrastructure factors in each market, supported by interviews with local digital experts
-Development of 15 hypotheses to test against (mix of global and market-specific)
-Recruitment and 4-week management of online communities in each market for qualitative research
-Design and execution of online survey in each market, including max-diff and conjoint methodology to reveal the most influential product features and the most attractive subscription bundles


The research provided support for several hypotheses – often with variation by market – and helped to reject others entirely

New and amended product features were clearly defined: from data (bandwidth) management tools to multi-angle camera features, the max-diff data showed which features were most likely to influence product uptake and how the roadmap should be prioritised

Optimised content bundles were proposed based on NBA’s strategy for reach vs revenue in each market, underpinned by strong evidence from the conjoint analysis

Following delivery of 7L work, NBA Global delivered recommendations to all local markets and have fed into features into their products cycle to ensure optimal uptake of their products in each market

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