NBA Social Media Management

Content Services

Business Objectives

The NBA is a premium global sport, shown in >200 countries in over 40 languages. The NBA EMEA team are tasked with driving growth of the sport outside of the US and developing long term fan engagement strategies.

Our brief was to see how social media could grow fan engagement and promote consumption of the sport, originally in five key markets: France, UK, Spain, Turkey and Italy.

Seven League was initially challenged to audit the NBA’s social media accounts in Europe. Our report outlined some recommendations that would take the NBA European accounts from good to great. The NBA took the recommendations on board and asked Seven League to implement them at the start of 2017 and beyond.

Our Approach

7L took over the management of five Facebook and Twitter accounts in France, Italy, Spain, UK and Turkey, increased to seven by 2019. We built a team of local in-market social media managers, video editors, graphic designs, content planner and analysts.

We continue to create locally relevant, language appropriate content, all delivered against at least one of five content objectives. We made over 1,000 mobile & social-friendly videos in year 1, all locally relevant to that market, and have upscaled the production since. Our team use weekly data analysis to optimise content production, aid paid media planning and provide reports for all levels of the business.

We’ve helped the NBA achieve business goals; driving TV viewership, supporting partners, data collection, selling merchandise, promoting League Pass and providing assets that can be sold to sponsors.


- The European NBA social channels now have over 4.5m followers and provide a powerful weapon to help the NBA achieve its business goals;
- Our work has delivered in excess of 200 million video views per season (an 80% increase from our first year);
- Significant increases in traffic to the NBA Store, League Pass and key campaigns on the;
- Engaged users have increased (a 45% increase on our first year);
- Fully localising content in 5 markets promoting NBA primetime games on TV reaches millions of fans every week;
- Incremental revenue in the form of sponsored social media content formats;

The NBA signed up Seven League for a third season & based on our success, tasked us with running even more European markets. Our work has helped completely redefine the NBA’s approach to social media in EMEA.

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