Racecourse Growth Project

Digital Strategy

Business Objectives

Great British Racing (GBR) is the official marketing and promotional body for British Horseracing whose aim is to grow interest and participation in the sport.

GBR came to Seven League to initially assess where the racing industry was positioned in terms of digital maturity and understanding versus industry standard.

They wanted to understand how digital and social media could be used to grow the sport further; Racecourses have differing levels of digital maturity and differing levels of resources. Many needed low-budget, high efficiency solutions to leverage the opportunities digital presents.

Seven League was engaged to advise on an approach to ‘rising the tide’ of the sport – increasing interest and attendance nationwide via digital and social media.

Our Approach

Seven League conducted a digital audit process for over 10 racecourses nationwide. This included customised analysis, advice and recommendations for each racecourse based on their audience and business needs.

We provided peer and industry benchmarking on digital & social media so that each racecourse had a clear understanding of where they were before embarking on change.

We then supported each racecourse with individual strategy and content planning guidance.

We worked collaboratively with Great British Racing to explore, refine and articulate objectives and strategy for industry growth.


Our work provided the first-ever industry-wide assessment of how the sport was performing on digital. Every racecourse in the project was given a list of practical recommendations based on their situation, capability and objectives.

Seven League provided ideas, guidance and follow-up support to help with implementation. Improvements included website upgrades, improved use of social media to sell tickets and better content to engage customers. All 59 racecourses were given greater awareness of key digital KPIs, ongoing digital trends and examples of best practice.

Seven League helped professionalise the digital operations of the Racing industry. Several racecourses have since engaged Seven League directly to drive their businesses forward.

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