Tottenham Hotspur Commercial Transformation

Commercial Growth

Business Objectives

Seven League spent two and a half years leading the digital transformation of Tottenham Hotspur, through a unique period in its history.

This leadership ranged from the macro (digital strategy, org changes, commercial transformation) to the micro (day-to-day embed of Seven League Senior Consultant to fulfil the role of Head of Content).

As part of the transformation, the club saw (i) the addition of numerous new partners (including Nike), (ii) renewals of existing partners (including AIA), and (iii) significant change to its digital inventory.

Seven League was tasked with supporting and guiding the commercial partnerships team through a critical time in its financial development. We gave clarity and leadership to make sense of the thousands of pieces of inventory and their relative value, educating both the THFC team and their partners.

Our Approach

- We built trust with internal team and Board by demonstrating knowledge and expertise, educating them and, in many cases, partners themselves to best practice methods;

- We captured, cleaned and analysed over 18 months of data to produce clear view of inventory, evolving the club’s valuation models, enforced by third party benchmarking, to value inventory;

- We advanced partner proposition away from sale of integer items (e.g. 6 tweets, 2 emails etc) and created new propositions, mixing ‘always-on’ branded content threads and bespoke campaigns;

- We created products valued accurately in relation to each other, providing scalable value;

- We attended and contributed to pitching, new partner kick-off meetings and partner renewals to cement the approach, develop concepts, and ensure proposition delivers value for club, partners and fans.

- We delivered numerous branded campaigns, the most prominent being Nike’s ‘Watch Us Rise’.


- The club was given single view clarity of the existing inventory and its commercial value (identifying where value was not being translated into revenue);

- Creative development of new formats bridged partner, THFC team and club channel output;

- We delivered digital campaigns that fulfilled partner and club objectives, entertaining and engaging fans;

- The club benefited from accurate attribution of value of all digital partner components;

- Focus on quality content, actionable analytics, swift progression and education of team.

Tottenham Hostpur have transformed their approach to commercial partnerships with digital playing a central role. They now have one of the most advanced models for digital packaging in the industry.

Our work with the club led to The FA commissioning us to conduct similar work on their digital commercial approach.

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