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Business Objectives

A third-party audit identified an opportunity for the club to grow its fanbase and leverage opportunities afforded through digital content. The Club’s content strategy needed to be redefined, under an overarching digital strategy. A new approach was needed to engage existing fans whilst also reaching & acquiring new fans. The commercial value of digital content could improve, both directly & indirectly.

The club required support in managing large digital projects and campaigns, as well as setting reporting processes, targets and KPIs. There was an opportunity to raise the ‘Digital DNA’ of the team, department and Club overall.

Seven League was tasked with delivering this shift in digital operations, fulfilling the role of Head of Content, reporting to the Board and leading a production team of 15

Our Approach

-We joined the Content Team as respected lead (Head of Digital Content), setting a new clear approach
-We hired resource - from design to strategic social media lead - to support our growth plans
-We built relationships across the business, demonstrating capability and value
-We made easy, clear recommendations to improve content, based on best practice and began measuring as much as possible, creating rich data archives
-We fixed departmental requirements for digital content, giving clear actionable guidance with demonstrable results
-We helped the club change the use of athlete time from ad hoc favours, to timetabled obligation
-We pressed for “less output, but better quality” approach to production values and led cross-department campaign thinking (and project-managed individual prominent productions)


DIGITAL DNA: we helped the team become far more knowledgeable, creatively empowered and strategically aware
GREATER REACH: through creative content we helped ensure website sessions are no longer in decline;
INDIRECT REVENUE: Video views increased 14-fold year-on-year
DIRECT REVENUE: Content performance analysis allows commercial sponsorship
DIRECT REVENUE: Built campaign thinking into key retail campaigns (eg Christmas)
ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN: Created The Lane The Finale multi-platform digital campaign
PRODUCT DELIVERY: Created The Lane 360 experience

Our involvement signalled a new era for Spurs’ content which they have continued to act on. Spurs are now considered one of the most innovative and progressive clubs on digital media and have among the most engaged Premier League fanbases on digital

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