UEFA Industry Digital Growth

Digital Strategy

Business Objectives

55 National Associations participate in UEFA’s leagues and competitions. UEFA and Seven League identified the need to improve the digital platforms, capabilities and content output for these associations.

While some associations have significant resource and digital teams, others are small and have only just started their digital journey. A customised support programme was required to accelerate digital performance no matter what level of resource and ability.

Seven League was engaged by UEFA to devise and execute a digital acceleration plan that could be implemented with any association, whatever their digital maturity. We’ve been supporting this programme since 2014.

Our Approach

Since 2014 Seven League has been supporting UEFA with a dedicated digital support programme, designed to accelerate digital performance for each National Association across Europe.

We have followed four key stages as part of this Europe-wide programme:
-Initial assessment of digital platforms and country landscape to inform strategy
-Objectives and strategy development (full day workshop with each association)
-Development / fine-tuning of digital strategy, including implementation plan and work streams (via a dedicated Digital Strategy Roadmap report)
-Performance monitoring & strategy iteration

Over 50 National Associations have now been a part of this programme, receiving regular best practice examples, benchmarking and quarterly reports to track their progress


-We have redefined digital strategies, designing clear plans to ensure their digital activities help achieve business goals
-Over 500 people have taken part in digital strategy workshops – an educational exercise that promotes digital DNA within associations
-National Association social channels now have in excess of 40 million fans
-Over 30 new digital roles have been created to support digital activities
-We continue to monitor progress and provide recommendations for continuous improvement
7L has supported a range of National Associations; from the large and affluent to the small and resourceful
-New channels have been opened, digital content is being sponsored, websites have been optimised, content planning processes have been put in place and digital channels have had demonstrable impacts on revenue streams (inc. ticket sales)

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