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We build global media businesses

We have established teams across 50+ global markets; with regional hubs in London, Shanghai and Singapore. Through our unique process and structure we're able to build a global media business at scale.

"A global media business is having a clearly defined brand, delivered through rich local story telling across platforms in all key markets."


Central Hubs

We drive management, strategy, and planning in our regional hubs. While production is from our world class studio in Shanghai, ensuring our clients see cost efficient delivery of work.

Country Managers

In many countries we have appointed specialist managers with experience across social media, content and commercial. 

Our Creators

We have an army of qualified content creators, specialising in social and digital production. Local stories are told on the ground, amplifying global strategy and building authentic engagement.


We track, analysis and interpret data across all regions. From social media engagement, google trends, media sentiment to digital sponsorship. 

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