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10 Weibo Accounts Worth Following

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Even with the recent uptick of brands and KOLs opening verified WeChat accounts, an active presence on Weibo still remains as a necessary component of Chinese social media strategy. Here are 10 weibo accounts worth following.

Molly is the most popular and influential KOL for travel in China. She started to promote her own trips at a relatively early time as it pertains to Weibo, and now she has a massive follower base. More often than not, you’ll find her on the road, sharing photos with her myriad of followers.

LuMao is a freelancer illustrator. He gets his popularity by continually creating cute and warm work. Also, he likes traveling and illustrates his trips to share with others.

This account is passport-mania! It shares all kinds of different passports from different countries throughout various periods in time. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the account also shares updated traveling information.

Lately, more Chinese tourists prefer to travel by themselves instead of in group arranged by travel agency. It’s no secret why, as you can get more freedom and more time to rest during the trip. So why not go it alone? This account shares tips for people travelling alone as well as  notifications of travel news most relevant to you.

A.k.a the most hip and millennial way to travel around the world. Airbnb’s official account recommends good and cozy accommodations while retweeting users’ real experience with them. Follow it if you are a hipster in a state of wanderlust.

The official account for USA tourism this account shares amazing images of states and cities in US. Tips for traveling in US and reliable information for any questions related to travel can also be found here. If America is your next destination, this account is a must-follow.

Everyone loves this Weibo account, and it’s easy to see why! A cute dog and a smart cat, that’s pretty much all you need in your life. Beside lovely pictures of pets, the account will always catch the hottest topic and write the post in a very fun way. Follow it to make your day a little bit better!

From art to food to travelling all things beautiful and awesome on this planet are all included in this account…well almost. 9 images for every post and you will still think it’s not enough. This account is definitely a good follow for anyone looking to procrastinate in the doldrums of the internet.

It’s always difficult for Chinese people to find interesting Instagram accounts or Instagram hashtags that are worth following. This account helps to select prime Instagram accounts for you making it a simple and easy way to stay in the know.

People love to gossip, and sometimes they enjoy talking about something that isn’t actually true. Whether it be rumor or superstition, someone needs to stop it. This account will explain the reasons why you should or shouldn’t believe some ‘facts’.

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