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12/12/12 in China: TaoBao seizes the opportunity. Again.

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Today is the wonderful day of triple twelves, December 12th 2012, the last time of the century a triple digits date will ever occur. Chinese customers love a good set of numbers and ecommerce giant Taobao is not one to miss a promotional opportunity like this one. Reason why the site launched wode1212 (my 12.12) – a time machine that scans through your entire history as a Taobao user and highlights its topical moments in an inspirational and moving embedded flash slideshow.

Here’s an example:

RESULTS? Thanks to the following campaign on Sina Weibo, wo1212 was trending topic for most of the day, offering discounts and driving sales.

FUN FACT: As in many other cases, the Chinese pronunciation of the number 12 can have various interpretations. Chinese customers’ favorite seem to be 要爱 – “want love”, turning today’s unique date into another melancholic day to think about lost love, breakups and relationships, all whilst surfing Taobao’s latest online deals.

How’s that for a sales boost?!

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