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4 Shopping Apps You Need to Know About

We used to say that we were tired of physically walking in and out of stores, wishing that the process was simpler and more convenient. Thankfully, the popularization of e-commerce platforms alleviated many of these pain points, letting us shop from wherever we pleased.

However, this is 2015, and the allure of convenient e-commerce has been replaced by cynicism, as shopping online isn’t always the most ideal solution. Clicking here and there, scrolling up and down for hours can end up leaving you with nothing but a pair of sore-red eyes.  

But thanks to technology, man’s creativity, and innovation, we are now saying goodbye to the “shopping search” frustration. Here are some of the most innovative shopping apps that are currently changing the game–


Instead of keying in your specific keyword in the search box, Donde lets users to tap style preferences that match what they’re looking for. This futuristic app uses artificial intelligence technology that analyzes the images and then classifies them brilliantly from color, length till neckline.  Then, users can filter to specify their search, from hemline and pattern to brands and price ranges. Partnering up with 6,000 major retailers, Donde allows its users to directly purchase items on app.

This is the app you’re looking for if you don’t have time to go to the store or simply don’t have the patience to look through piles of clothes.

The Hunt

Isn’t it a dream to have a personal shopper for yourself? The Hunt is a new community shopping app that allows you to post photos of things you are looking for, and over 3 million community of shoppers will help you find it, style it or even buy it for less.

There is no limit when it comes to their shopping categories. It varies from clothing, accessories, and books to gadgets and fish tanks. But believe it or not, the shopper’s community will always find your hunt. It’s “ask and you shall receive” after all.


Don’t know where to shop? Want to shop like a local? Shopilist provides you with the list of shops worth visiting recommended by local insiders. Insiders also provide their personal “where to shop specific stuffs” lists.

This is the breakthrough app for shopaholic tourists who crave for local-like shopping experience.  


Take a snap of your OOTD, upload it, share it across multiple social media platforms and you can start building your virtual closet as this app will organize your closet into categories. Cloth will also remember your favorite looks and recommends outfit based on the day’s weather forecast. No more “what to wear on a rainy day” dilemma.

Basically, with Cloth, it’s like having a free, 24/7 personal stylist. And seriously, who wouldn’t want that?

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