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500,000 Chinese tourists on route to Melbourne

Just recently Premier Ted Baillieu, mayor of Melbourne (my hometown) a city famous for its major sporting events, wineries and cafe culture visited Shanghai to promote an amazing statistic.  Tourism Australia have committed $8M into a new campaign promoting Australia to Chinese tourists.

Their aim: 500,000 Chinese visitors by 2020

China is already the biggest market for tourism into Australia, and it is only getting stronger.

“By the end of the year, China will pass New Zealand as the country sending the most tourists to Victoria,” Premier Ted Baillieu said in Shanghai last month

He said Chinese tourist numbers were growing at 7 per cent a year, but a new 10-year China tourism plan would aim to lift annual growth to 11 per cent.

“China is Victoria’s fastest-growing tourist market with more than a quarter of a million,” Mr. Baillieu told a group of Shanghai travel agents.

“A key goal of (the plan) will be to increase overnight visitors to over half a million by 2020. This will mean more jobs, more investment, and a significant economic boost to Victoria.”

One thing is for sure: Australian brands, organizations and business owners need to begin to understand the worlds most used language.

They are intelligent, brand savvy, willing to spend and are coming in numbers.

Read the full story here

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