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A National Association First…

Across Europe and beyond - from Moldova to Wales and Kazakhstan to Germany the national associations of UEFA are a diverse bunch but they gathered this afternoon in the web. Different geographies, different organisations, different fans and as you’d expect different stages of digital development.

One of the great strengths of these differences is the breadth of experience generated across the associations. With 54 associations there is someone who is working on every challenge or is investigating each new opportunity. Every year UEFA facilitates this knowledge-sharing through a number of tailored programmes designed to share best practice, deliver bespoke support and develop the abilities of all associations - no matter the opportunity, challenge or internal resource.

This afternoon we're proud to have worked with UEFA to deliver a first for the national association community - a Europe-wide Digital Marketing Webinar. Hosted live for more than 100 representatives from 25+ associations the focus was (of course) on digital trends and particularly the power of digital to engage fans, deliver on business objectives and robots. Yes, robots. Did you know that by 2018 eighty percent of all digital advertising will be bought programmatically?

Seven League CEO Richard Ayers in full flow

So from Chisinau to Cardiff and robots to digital engagement we're proud to be helping UEFA drive the future of football.

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