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An Open Invitation to the ESPN Layoffs: China is Waiting

Updated: May 29, 2019

Dear esteemed journalists,

The Chinese sports industry is going through a major revolution, with millions of people now playing, consuming and cheering across the country.

  1. There are over 300 million basketball players in China

  2. The Super Bowl had 1.6 billion reads on Chinese social media

  3. The NBA has over 7 million more followers on Sina Weibo than it does on Twitter

But like with everything, it has it’s growing pains. As this industry takes shape, there is an enormous gap between the quality of American and Chinese sports journalism.

No one does it better than the Americans.

We’re assembling a rockstar team to help create, empower and educate China’s next generation of sports writers, analysts and commentators and we’d like you to help. Organisations like the NFL, MLB, NCAA and NHL (not to mention the Premier League and CSL) are all winning huge audiences.

If you’re eager to take on a challenge in what will become the largest sports economy in the world by 2020 then post a short video sharing your best tip for China’s rising media talent and tag @MailmanGroup.

We’ll fly the best 5 posts over to Shanghai for an exclusive interview and learning session with our management team.


Andrew Collins

Mailman CEO

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