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Attention upstarts: Winning is everything

If you’re a young startup, entrepreneur or better yet you’re thinking of jumping into your own game, listen very carefully: ‘Winning is everything’.  That’s right. I’m not going to butter it up for you and say ‘having a go’ is enough, as that’s one of the biggest ‘cop outs’ anyone can accept.  Wining is everything and it should be treated as such.  It’s not just why you are getting into doing what you are doing but it should embody you as a entrepreneur.

The thing about winning is, it becomes not only easier each time but it becomes ingrained in who you are. Whether its a small win or a big win, the fact is you’re winning. And winning is what people want to follow.  Winning keeps a team committed, a competitor at bay and also investors looking to support you. If you were to take one attitude with you as you set out to accomplish your next feat take an attitude of ‘winning’ and live by it.

I’ve been a competitor my whole life, I’m a twin brother, which makes it worse – as growing up, everything became a contest. Its this passion, energy and complete commitment to winning that I’ve tried to adopt as we tackle new projects, investments and its this attitude that we look for most in young entrepreneurs. We ask ourselves ‘Is this guy a winner?’, when the going gets tough ‘is this guy going to do what ever he can to make it work?’

People tend to be creatures of habit, so if you’re not tackling any small challenge as an opportunity to build follow ship and demonstrate your commitment to the goal I suggest start doing it – It’s not about taking everything so serious, but it’s about practicing an attitude to which you need to succeed.  Have you ever met someone where you thought ‘Yeah he’s talented, however it’s just not a winner’.

I’m not suggesting you become a typical competitive junkie which has everyone praying for your demise, I’m saying go out there and confront any challenge with vigor. Do it with passion, energy, integrity and a friendly competitive spirit – people will love you for it. And others will want to join you, win or lose, you’ll gain the respect of your peers.

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