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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Chinese Valentine’s Day, known as Qixi, is a great opportunity for Western brands to show their commitment to China. The Chinese holiday falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, but who made the most of the holiday?

Bon Jovi

Why it worked: Chinese language content

Jon Bon Jovi turned on the style ahead of the band’s Asia tour by performing one of China’s most famous love songs. ‘The moon represents my heart’, a Karaoke classic in China, was promoted by AEG’s channel on video channel on Tudou and currently has 23,000 views.

Novak Djokovic

Why it worked: The only tennis player to show love

China’s most followed tennis player posted in the evening wishing his #NoleFam# a Happy Valentines Day. Although his message was short and simple, Novak was the only tennis player online that celebrated the holiday with his fans, with many expressing their delight that he even knew about it.


Why it worked: Offline-to-online

Mulberry launched a digital campaign around the festival, offering their fans the chance to send a bespoke Valentine’s Day letter, where the recipient could redeem a personalised hand-crafted leather bracelet in one of their two China stores. This personalised campaign differentiates the brand from its competitors, as well as providing a way for Mulberry to measure their social presence by tracking foot traffic to their store.

Football Teams

Why it worked: Local knowledge

Untraditionally romantic, several of the top European football teams recognised the festival, posting celebratory messages to their fans. Barcelona and Bayern Munich achieved the two most engaged posts of the day from all football clubs, with over 2x greater engagement than their average.

Taobao & Fireflies

Why it worked: Trending tradition

Chocolate is not the go-to gift for Chinese couples, instead Taobao, China’s answer to Ebay, was busy selling fireflies marketed as symbols of love and beauty. An estimated 10 million fireflies have been sold already so far, 10 times higher than last year. It shows that local knowledge of this market is invaluable.

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