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Business Strategy: Authentic Decision Making

Creating Authentic Decision making begins with conviction. What ever you do, just do it with conviction and you’ll always create unrivaled support.  There is no time for a tentative position or partial movements.  If a decision is to be made and you are brave enough to make it, ensure there is no wavering on your direction. 

Getting there starts with having ‘authentic decision making’ which can relate directly to ones conviction.  To what degree do you believe in what you are doing?  How clear are you about who you are OR your organisation?  Having clarity on these points will ensure your decisions are met with support.

Motivations are varied, however which ever way you look at it you’ll need to have a clearer understanding and belief in your companies motivations.  Why are you really here?  What is your companies purpose?  (beyond making a profit).  Have this clearly defined and reflected in the language and tone at which you talk.  It’s through this conviction that rises ‘authentic decision making’.

“The path laid out through clarity of conviction and belief ensures smooth decision making and support.”

Don’t get trapped by marketing dogma. Think outside the box and be willing to take risks, so long as it’s in line with your philosophy. For instance, blog openly about the problems your company seeks to solve in the world and how you’re working to overcome them by fulfilling your mission.

If you can take a moment and articulate (clearly) what you are?  Who you are? And your purpose? Go forth and tackle the big challenges facing your business and life.  If at all you are stuck?  Slow down, take time to realign your goals and think through your reason for being.  Everything else becomes easy when that is clear.

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