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China central to E-Sports play

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Gaming or E-Sports as they are known, are by definition a valid sport. In a world where professional sports are struggling for market share, E-Sports command huge online and live fan base attendance as well as offer significant reward for its professional elite and China has been central to success.

CFS or CROSSFIRE STARS is the leading competitive Global e-Sports tournament with over 400 million users and their teams compete for the title of World Champion. The tournament is based on the game created by Korean gaming company Smilegate and with cooperation with Chinese gaming company Tencnet has become the success that it is today.

The first season of CFS was held in Shanghai in June 2013, China featuring 16 of the best teams from 11 regions around the world. With the record setting FPS tournament total prize pool of $177,000 USD, CROSSFIRE fans closely watched to see who would become the first World Champion. With intense competition among the participants, Team iG from China showcased their dominance by defeating Team Modern and demonstrated why they deserved the title of World Champion & the $50,000 USD prize. Based on overwhelming success of Season 1, CFS established itself as the world’s best FPS e-Sports tournament with unforgettable experience for its fans.

Only 8 months after CFS Season 1, fans of CROSSFIRE were once again able to experience CFS(CROSSFIRE STARS) in Chengdu, China. With continual support from 400 million users, the increased total prize pool of $180,000 USD awaited the next victor. 16 Teams from 11 regions competed fiercely over the two days with fans attentively watching their every move to see who would be given the title of World Champion. To everyone’s surprise, 4 teams from China swept through the tournament taking 1st ~ 4th places. Among these dominant Chinese teams, AG.PEPSI was titled as the world champion in the second CFS competition with their complex strategy and unparalleled marksmanship.

Held for the first time outside of China, CFS season 3 was played out in Seoul, Korea last week with a surprising win by Russia taking out the increased prize of $220,000 USD. The non-Chinese victory aside, China will continue to pioneer this sport with innovation growth and commercial success for years to come.

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