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China v USA Social Media Activity Scorecard

Recently we were tasked with identifying the most outstanding difference between the average American online netizen and it’s counterpart in China.  After reviewing several key sources, trending maps, growth in numbers and more; an alarming number was produced.

China v USA Social Media Activity

By far the biggest growth is yet to happen in the natural expansion of internet access in China.  However the cultural phenomenon that is ‘micro-blogging’ is literally taking China by storm.  Well established network Sina and its (Twitter clone) Weibo are steam rolling the industry in a major way – and the public are eating it up.

In China the inclination to document ones life and share actively is now most evident in the massive growth of micro-blogging.  Although Twitter has millions of active users and even more ‘passive’ users it has not become the daily ritual for most Americans.  Although in China it is certainly is on its way to becoming the only way.

The now famous Weibo micro blogging platform is only in its infancy (about 12 months) and boasts over 120,000,000 active users.  By all reports it’s expected to climb well above 200,000,000 by the end of 2011.  And if you think you’re escaping this avalanche outside China, think again. Weibo users span the globe in all parts of Europe, Australia, United States and Asia.  The same Chinese born American resident is blogging along side is comrade in Shanghai, China openly sharing ideas, personal lives and more through Chinese social media.

Stay tuned as this explosion of Chinese social activity is expected to grow far and wide.  Reports just out suggest Weibo is going all ‘English’ with a direct hit towards the Twitters of the east.

This should make for an interesting viewing.

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