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Chinese Sports Fans Demand at All Time High

At the Sports Matters conference in Singapore, Mailman’s Sports Business Director David Hornby was able to give a presentation about the rising demand for Chinese sports fans. Accurately demonstrating Chinese sports fans characteristic hunger for content that drives high social media interaction.

Hornby pointed to movement in the IPTV broadcasting rights and recent deals that have been made to bring more live sports (predominately European football) to Chinese viewers as evidence of the ever increasing Chinese demand for foreign sports entertainment. He cautioned that this doesn’t necessarily mean that a victory in the Chinese market is imminent but it is a positive sign.

Social media appears to be the next phase for these brands tap even further into the Chinese market. While many notable figures remain absent from the Chinese digital sphere, other top brands such as the NBA and UFC take full advantage of connecting with their Chinese fans via verified WeChat and Sina Weibo accounts. This is further complemented by using localized e-commerce platforms like that further extend brand exposure in the world’s most populous country.

Foreign sports popularity in the midst of an exponential boom in China and Mailman Pro will be helping millions of Chinese fans connect with their favorite sports stars and idols. For the full article on the panel discussion visit Campaign Asia’s page.

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