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CSL Deal Signed: 8 Billion RMB Over 5 years

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

1.26 billion USD for five years?

Sounds outrageous, right? But, is there a league that can sell their broadcasting rights at this price?

Since January 2015, the prices of broadcasting rights of sports events and games has increased overwhelmingly. As was mentioned earlier, Tencent has paid over 100 million dollars USD per year for an exclusive NBA digital partnership. The price of Premier League broadcasting rights sublicensing from Super Sports increased about 40% – Sina, Tencent, LETV paid 18 million dollars each to get the broadcasting rights of 230 matches in China. PPTV paid 250 million euros to get the full media rights of La Liga in China for next five years. And today the China Super League made its own mammoth deal.

All these changes start with the release of purchasing and reselling broadcasting rights from the government last year.  This not only introduces new players to the market, but also satisfies the fans ever growing demand for foreign sports entertainment. With China’s vast group of fans demanding European football in China, the future looks promising indeed.

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