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Djokovic Relaunches on Weibo with Mailman Group

Novak Djokovic’s commanding presence is back on Weibo with help from Mailman, ensuring that his connection with his Chinese fans is maximised coming off the French open, and with Wimbledon having just started.

Tennis has seen a surge in popularity in China in recent years, especially after Li Na’s second Grand Slam victory for women’s tennis. Thrilling matches between top tennis players held in Beijing and Shanghai have only expanded the fan base, both in the stands and on social media. Djokovic has proven to be a fan-favorite in China during these tournaments, winning Beijing titles, Shanghai Masters, and won his fourth China Open in 2013.

China’s support for Djokovic has not gone unnoticed. As he stated during the 2013 Shanghai Rolex Masters, “There’s a lot of supporters, a lot of young people who come out every day with Serbian flags that I see them. Really passionate.” As reported in KAWO’s case study on tennis in China earlier this year, Djokovic has a large number of followers, mentions, and engagement relative to other top-ranked tennis players with a Weibo presence. With the rising popularity of tennis in China and increased presence on Chinese social media, Djokovic will have no trouble succeeding in China, on and off the courts.

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