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Even a Museum Embraces World Cup on Weibo

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

With the World Cup craze exploding on Chinese social media as the tournament continues, even unlikely brands such as Sichuan province’s San Xing Dui museum have embraced the chance to gain exposure. Prior to the Germany-Portugal kickoff, San Xing Dui posted an image likening an ancient bronze mask to popular German player Ozil and commented: “Play well tonight – don’t disgrace the museum!”.

That one post alone was forwarded almost 30 thousand times, a significant feat as it is over half the museum’s number of followers. San Xing Dui’s broadcast received over 3 thousand likes and comments on Weibo as well, showing that creativity paid off for the museum, as did piggybacking on the World Cup trend like these other brands did to reach a wider audience. Even now, a week later, the Otis post remains at the top of San Xing Dui’s Weibo as the “Hot” topic.

Chinese netizens have commented “That [San Xing] Dui is really interesting” and “I have to repost. I finally realized who Ozil resembles”

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