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Fanstang Launches in China

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Mailman celebrated the official launch of ‘FansTang‘ the exciting new platform connecting many of Hollywood’s elite with Chinese fans. The event was kicked off with our partners at at China Branding Group, led by the Founder Adam Roseman at the Kerry Parkside Hotel in Shanghai.

FansTang is an exclusive online interactive community for Chinese fans to connect with their idols whom they adore in music, TV, movies, sports and fashion industries.  The platform allows foriegn celebrities to develop their brand in China, currently featuring almost 100 celebrities including Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Chace Crawford, Linkin Park, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love.

Fanstang Founder & CEO Adam Roseman was joined by Andrew Collins and Robert Roche to celebrate.

FansTang played host to a number of exciting special guests including successful entrepreneur, Yue-Sai and 2011 Miss Universe finalist, Luo Zi Lin.

Fanstang publishes tweets from Hollywood stars and NBA athletes.  For celebs, social media has become the ideal platform to promote themselves, their personal brands and updating fans on their personal lives.

It is apparent that big names from the west are becoming more interested in maintaining their presence in the Chinese market.  Social media has become an effective and popular form of promotion. The key is to drive fan engagement.  Besides building their clients profiles on a range of Chinese SNS sites including Sina, Tencent and Youku, Fanstang offers their celebrities useful advice on how to engage with their Chinese audience effectively through China oriented posts.  Fanstang continues to boost their client’s fan bases and strives to further bridge the gap between foreign and Chinese culture.

The Mailman Team

Miss Universe China – Final Contestants were a highlight

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