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Gangnam style meets Chinese social media…with Mailman!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Yes. The South Korean, record breaking, dance pop sensation eventually got us too. And with us, we had Sina, Renren, Tencent…

Since the Gangnam Style music video was released in mid-July this year, we’ve seen PSY gain over 8 million views in barely 2 weeks, spawning countless copycats and parodies (here’s our favorite) and making lots of new friends in the States.

It spread really really fast.

Now that Gangnam Style has made history for the most liked video on Youtube (overtaking Bieber, Adele, LMFAO) and is looking to reach half a billion views in the not so distant future , we decided to add a little touch of Chinese Social Media. Mailman Style.

Gangnam Style has most certainly been embraced by the Chinese audience. Although we couldn’t find an official social media account for PSY, there are plenty of fan pages scattered around Sina Weibo. Here’s just one example of an account with over 70K fans.

On top of that, celebrities from far and wide are bringing the Gangnam Style obsession to the Far East. Check out how tennis champion Novak Djokovic celebrated his victory at the Beijing Open on October 8th.

A video that got 7K views on Youku only…and counting!


That’s a wrap!

For more info on viral marketing and Chinese social media, get in touch here.

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