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Get on BAIDU now: Easy win in China Online SEO

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

So you’ve gotten your website on the front page of Google, keywords are all set, your data is flowing, you are being searched across the Globe.

But aren’t you forgetting something?

Did you know that there are over 485 million internet users in China? That is about 50% of the globe’s Internet population. That’s also more than the entire population of the U.S.

Did you know 76% of them search their information via Search Engine – Baidu (Chinese equivalent of Google)? As is often the case in China, you’re on a whole new playing field with completely different rules.

Since Google left China in April 2010, Mainland Chinese have shifted towards Baidu.

Google gets kicked out of China

FUN FACT: The Baidu algorithm still confuses organic and paid results. Many believe writing a big fat check will see your website at the top rankings of both paid and organic listings.

That’s why Chinese companies are already investing loads of money into savvy marketing strategies via Baidu PPC (Pay Per Click).

Easy solution: Show them the money!

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