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GoUSA Chinese Valentine’s Day Campaign

Typically, Chinese people celebrate their own Valentine’s Day on July 7 according to Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is also called the Double Seventh Festival (7th day of the 7th month). Based off the Lunar calendar, this year’s Valentine’s Day was on August 20th.

It makes sense for most brands to execute related social media campaigns on this day, but the question for most digital marketers lies in how to link the content for the campaign to the overall brand while achieving significant engagement?

For our client, GoUSA, we went with the topic of #美式浪漫# (American Romance) on Weibo & WeChat and it turned out to be a huge hit.

On Weibo

We created the hashtag #美式浪漫#, and published 10 posts from Aug 12 to Aug 20 with this hashtag to announce the Top 10 Romantic Places in USA. These 10 posts generated over 232,000 reads in total.

On WeChat

Since the communication mechanism for WeChat is way different than Weibo, we decided to publish just 1 article on Aug 20 to introduce the Top 10 Romantic Places in USA. This single post broke the record for reads for the GoUSA WeChat account in 2015 with over 13,800 reads and 1351 shares & favorites.

Why was it successful?

Clear & unifying theme of #美式浪漫# (#AmericanRomance) on Valentine’s Day

This relates the Chinese holiday to our GoUSA brand by creating the romantic destinations list thus making people want to travel there.

Build suspense, counting down from Top 10 – Top 1

On Weibo: The Top 10 –Top 1 was announced one by one and day by day, which kept people curious about which one would be the next.

On Wechat: We separated the Top 10-2 and Top 1, revealing the latter with a final WeChat quiz.

Stunning photos

On social media, whether that be Weibo or WeChat, stunning photos always work better than ordinary ones. This can be seen as a golden rule.

Intriguing title of WeChat post ignited readers to click & share:

美国最浪漫的10个地方,你去过哪些?(Top 10 Romantic Places in USA, how many have you been to?)

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