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Hornby Wins Big, Considers Options

Dark horse Hornby surprises all in annual bowling championship

Shanghai, August 30- In what has been described as one of the greatest finishes the Shanghai bowling scene has witnessed, David Hornby of the Mailman Group last night took out the 2nd Annual Mailman group Bowling Championships.

Dave “well at least he’s funny” Hornby, 26, was down by more than 25 pins entering the 10th and final round of bowling. Expected winner, Michael Lin, was in the lead and the outcome seemed inevitable. As the tense audience held its collective breath, many almost asleep with anticipation, Hornby strutted up to lane 5 in his signature mincing gait and delivered what is now regarded as the single most impressive bowling display in Shanghai. A lightening 3 ‘strikes’ in a row catapulted him to first place and sent the unfortunate Lin back to the mean streets of second place.

After the match, a jubilant Hornby stated, “This is one of the greatest achievements of my life. I’ve tried many sports including ping pong, tennis and others and never really found my way – I think I’ve found my calling.”  Hornby was seen chatting with a few recruiters in attendance, and is reported to be exploring professional options in the popular Chinese bowling league. In a press conference this morning, however, he revealed his uncertainty, “I’ve always admired the way the elder guys around the alleys get up every night and perform, I think with a few more beers and practice I can contend for the 2014 season opener in Nanjing.”

Life wasn’t always rosy for this young man. From the back streets of London in the questionable, yet quaint town of Twickenham, Hornby had a rough childhood, having rarely been nourished enough to put on any substantial weight. His regular beatings, courtesy of his younger, yet bigger brother, Julian, helped develop his character, but unfortunately not his musculature.

Hornby’s mentor, inspirational guru, and style icon, Andrew Collins, believes if Hornby commits to bowling he can finally make his parents proud.

“Hornby has always wanted to be the best, it’s just that he isn’t – so I think this gives the young kid a lot of confidence. He should walk tall then next time he visits his home town.”

The 3rd Annual Mailman Bowling Championship will be held in the Shanghai Grand Stadium in May of 2014. Stay Tuned.

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