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How Brands Can Leverage Singles Day in China

While typical shopping frenzies for Westerners take place around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Chinese have the much ballyhooed Guang Gun Jie or “Singles Day”, celebrated annually on November 11th.

Chinese online retailer Alibaba, who owns Taobao – China’s largest, widely known and used online shopping platform, had reported a record $9 billion+ (yep, with a B) in sales on Singles Day last year. This figure dwarfs sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US combined.

With all eyes and wallets fixated on Singles Day, November 11th is definitely the golden day that digital marketers should have circled on their calendars. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to bring more exposure to your brand during China’s e-commerce bonanza:

Connect on local social media platforms

Make good use of your Weibo and WeChat accounts by creating posts that will grab your followers’ attention. Upcoming deals and promotions alongside innovative teaser posts will surely be the center of attention. Take a look at Qiong You’s (China’s famous travel site) WeChat post here. In this post, Qiong You simply posted 4 couples taking part in PDA (public display affection) pictures. “Making fun” of the singles, Qiong You said that singles can travel to heal the burden of being single by posting a hyperlink that links to their campaign minisite.

Provide extra service & discounts

For this shopping blitzkrieg, Chinese are willing to do nearly anything to secure the best price. During this short period of time, retailers are in control of their future customers behavior. Tell your followers to follow your account, register an account on your website, or even repost your post on their WeChat timeline in order to earn more coupons and an extra discount.

If you don’t have the budget, you can always incentivize your loyal followers in other ways. Shoppers always look forward to after-discount price heads up during singles day, since most retailers only reveal it on the day.

Advertise your best deal

Experts forecasted that Chinese are geared up for singles day and are willing to spend more than they intend to. With this being said, what’s left for retailers to do is to provide a more simple yet enjoyable shopping environment. Utilize your social media accounts and don’t be shy to advertise your promotion program. Make a post that compiles your best deal on Weibo and WeChat. Your post should help future buyers make a quicker shopping decision.

Last but not least, remember that Chinese value opinions from family and friends, while tending to ask for their opinion on social media. That’s why you should start your singles day promotion early and end it late. A week prior to singles day, you can conduct a “warm-up” session to get your followers and future buyers excited. Provide discounts and promotions after the singles day too! There must be broken-hearted shoppers who are still looking for discounted items. Your job? Be there for them.

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