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How China Celebrates April Fool’s on Social Media

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

While April Fool’s Day is primarily celebrated in Western cultures, many companies brought April Fool’s to China. They posted their own April Fool’s prank on Weibo. Check out what they did!

Macy’s promoted a brand new nail polish. This nail polish allows users to select any pattern or design they want and it will appear simply by painting on the nail polish. This post received 82,000 reads and 616 reposts.

Following the wearable technology trend, Alibaba launched its own piece of wearable technology called the Ali-Soul. This product can read a buyer’s brain cells and connect them with the right sellers.

Durex posted about its new Dudu TV box. The box is said to come with over 2,000 instructional sex videos. However, when you hover over the picture, it says, “Just kidding!”

Olay created a mini game just for April Fool’s. People were presented with five strange bathing habits and they had to distinguish the false one. Then they had to tag Olay in their answer and share the post with three friends to have a chance to win a bottle of Olay body soap.

Small holidays like April Fool’s don’t require large campaigns. A simple post or mini contest is a good way to captivate your followers’ attention and get them talking and sharing.

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