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How Chinese Social Media Influences A Purchase Decision

To say that China has extremely active social media networks is an understatement. Ninety one percent of Chinese people can be classified as frequent social network users. Perhaps more relevant, ninety-three percent of Chinese travelers post actively when abroad. Although there are several popular social media sites in China, messaging platform WeChat and microblogging platform Weibo boast the largest numbers of monthly active users. Companies marketing towards a Chinese audience can effectively leverage these social networks to influence buying decisions.

Chinese consumers tend to trust recommendations and user comments they see online. Recommendations don’t just influence brick-and-mortar retail purchases, but they also influence the online shopping expereince. China’s user-friendly e-commerce market combined with trustworthy recommendations from friends on social media often trigger impulse purchase decisions online. Advanced mobile payment platforms in China also make these purchases quick and easy.

Social media is an attractive platform for both companies in China and for those who want to attract Chinese shoppers, but how do they create value from it? Seemless interactions between users and friends are crucial.

In China, many retailers are providing incentives to consumers to encourage post-purchase action such as leaving comments or feedback for their products or services. These incentives can take many forms, such as coupons, samples, membership points, and small gifts.

Chinese consumers are influenced by friends’ recommendations rather than advertisements. People embrace conformity to social pressures as they crave a sense of belonging and affirmation. Studies show that younger users are more deeply affected by friends’ recommendations and behaviors via social media.

By understanding the importance of advertising on social media, retailers can convert potential customers into actual buyers. Embrace the social networks in China, and reap the benefits that come with engaging your customers.

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