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How Chinese Travelers Use Apps – Before, During, and After Travel

The new generation of Chinese travelers is wealthy, independent, and tech-savvy. With 3.3 hours spent on smartphones everyday, it’s no wonder that this generation of travelers is relying on apps for all their travel needs.


Chinese travelers are likely to spend most of their time on apps during the planning stage of their travels, out of all other stages. Two out of every three Chinese consumers would base a purchase decision on a friend, relative, or trusted source’s recommendation, therefore, they carefully scour social media, online travel, and travel journal apps for trusted advice and tips.

Social Media Apps

Weibo and WeChat are two popular social media platforms that allow users to post status-like updates and share content. These platforms also allow tourism related companies to inform and interact with potential customers before they travel. These posts provide potential travelers with ideas on where to go and what to do.

Online Travel Apps

Travel planning is moving online. Travel agencies are soon going to be a thing of the past with 57% of Chinese travelers booking their holidays online. Popular Chinese travel sites include Ctrip and Qunar which have developed mobile platforms and offer mobile exclusive rates. These sites also allow users to read and provide reviews on travel and accommodations.

Online Review Apps

Popular online review apps include Qyer and Mafengwo. Qyer focuses on international travel while Mafengwo focuses on domestic travel. These sites allow travelers to write and share travel journals. Experienced travelers often write detailed itineraries and recommendations from their previous travels. Qyer includes links to to provide a seamless travel planning experience.


Social Media Apps

Chinese travelers love staying plugged in even when traveling. Ninety-three percent of Chinese travelers under the age of 35 share about their trip on social media. Also, social media is a great way for brands to interact with travelers during their travels. Chinese travelers will turn to a brand’s Weibo profiles as informational sources. They can find out how to get to a certain store and sometimes even pick a coupon on that brand’s Weibo page.


Travel app usage comes full circle after travel. Recently returned travelers share their own travel adventures on social media, travel booking, and travel journal apps for other interested travelers to see.

The next generation of Chinese travelers is incorporating apps into all aspects of their travels. Gone are the days of traditional travel agencies and matching hat tour groups. Independent travelers just need their cellphones and they’re ready to explore the world.

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