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How Does Mailman Drive Motivation

Just what does Mailman do?  It’s a question we get asked a lot and although it should be simple – it’s just not.  We sell social media but our service goes well beyond providing a turn-key- pack-the-box-and-go solution.  It runs deep into our DNA, it drives us, it makes us become better people and we strive to make our projects work better than anyone (we also make our clients happy).

A short summary of what drives us to success read below.

For American Airlines – We are building the world’s leading community website to connect Chinese with the United States.  With a blend of highly engaging content featured by ourselves, bloggers and those whom have frequented the US we are building a content rich community driven by value.  See more

For KRMA Clothing – We’re bridging urban rock fashion feel with the Chinese urban trendsetters.  With unique style direct from the US we turn everyday Chinese into International style assassins.  See more

For 2nd Base App – Never before has a company with no app experience developed and built such a fun, raunchy and mostly naughty iphone application.  We’re setting our sites on turning these characters into international celebrities… Our aim is to hit a 100,000 downloads of our first application with zero advertising.  See more

For OurHongBao – We’re ensuring all Chinese can generously support their friends and families weddings by contributing hongbao online, regardless if they can make the event or not.  It’s this small contribution that gives our community the kick start they need to live a prosperous live.  Every penny counts!  Launches March 2011…

For thebigtip – We’re redefining the way the public contributes to sporting commentary.  The public are the experts and we put them in the hot seat as they write, share, debate and grow Australia’s leading online sporting community.  We want to impact 10,000 sport enthusiasts over 2 years and have them all feel part of something great.  See more

For St.Albans – They keep us warm in the office, they keep us warm on our way to our favorite cafe.  The famously familiar alpaca scarfs have launched onto Taobao in great fashion.  We have a dream of making every young woman can own one of these beautiful scarfs and ensure they are a treasured piece of fabric kept forever.  See more

For Mailman – We just want to amazing things.  We don’t want to experience boundaries and we sure as hell don’t listen to people who say ‘you can’t do that’.  By challenging each other to think two moves ahead, we remain always in the future and leading the way with social innovation and entrepreneurship.  Our people are Mailman and we’re here to serve everyone.

Every project we take on we take it all the way to our hopes, dreams and ensure we feel what our clients feel.  Their objectives are our only objectives.  We embody what an agency should be, free of bureaucracy, freedom to speak out, create debate or challenge our selves to take a leap forward.

This is Mailman as of February 2011.

Make contact if you’d like to talk more…

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