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How Macy’s Celebrated the Lunar New Year

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Over the past several weeks, Mailman Group has been running what has proved to be a stellar campaign for Macy’s in light of the Chinese New Year.

The campaign centers around the concept of the tradition of “Red Envelopes” or Hongbao, which are amounts of money secured in red envelopes and given to family members and loved ones. By creating red envelopes to give away on Sina Weibo, Macy’s can provide an easy avenue for users to use Alipay to make purchases on the web while driving huge brand awareness via the Sina App. It’s proving to be a brilliant way to show Macy’s understanding of Chinese culture and its willingness to apply themselves to Chinese tradition.

Mailman Group aided in developing red envelopes that ranged from “Classic Cash” to “LNY Macy’s Coupons”. Classic Cash was a type of envelope that directly inputted monetary cash into a person’s Alipay account, with each cash giveaway containing a certain percentage of money. Lunar New Year Macy’s Coupons were coupons that were given in the red envelopes. This allowed participants a chance to win up to 20% off or $20 off their next purchase.

With over a week left in the campaign, Macy’s Weibo account experienced phenomenal activity. Macy’s has been able to add 16,000 new followers since the commencement of the campaign, with each post averaging 20,000 reads. More impressively, the campaign so far has lead to over 30,000 coupon downloads.

Not a bad start to the new year, indeed.


16,000 new followers, 20,000 average post reads, over 30,000 coupon downloads

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