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How other locations around the world celebrate CNY [VENEZUELA]

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Did you know that 140 countries celebrate CNY? I have selected 3 locations and created this special series to show you how they enjoy the Lunar New Year!

This is the first year Latin American countries will celebrate Chinese New Year: Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela, for example. This year marks the year of culture exchanges between Latin American countries and China – and to honor it, Venezuela is celebrating the Lunar New Year for the first time!

The CNY officially starts on February 8 and Venezuela’s Ministry of Culture decided to put up a full program, that will go until March. One of the key presentations, on January 29 to January 31, was the beginning of the festivity, in Caracas. “My Dream” was a piece presented by China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, with traditional Chinese dance and music.

From January 24 until March 20, another theater in Caracas will hold and exposition about Beijing with over 100 photos, videos and interactive games that show the cultural spirit and economic and human development in the Chinese capital.

The cinemas of the Museum of Fine Arts (and a few others around Venezuela) will have a festival of Chinese children’s movies, from 5 to 12 of February. Local TV stations are set to dedicate airtime to broadcast Chinese films from 15 to 21 of February.

Although the celebration might look modest, this is the first year Venezuela is celebrating Chinese New Year and the Ministry of Culture in Venezuela said in that it’s “necessary for our people to learn about each other’s cultures and establish unbreakable bonds of fellowship”. I think that this a very good start!

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