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How to Create a Successful Weibo Campaign

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make a successful Weibo campaign? Do you want all targeted users to participate in your campaign?

Traditionally both of these things are the goal for any digital marketer operating in China. We’ve taken the time to breakdown 3 simple ways for you to make an outstanding campaign.

3 Second Campaign Participation

In the age of social media, no one is willing to spend  time reading a long article showing how to participate in the campaign. Users are to an extent “lazy” and prefer to understand the whole message in a short time. Those who have the simplest campaign mechanism have the best chance at gaining a large number of participants.

Images Are King

Don’t underestimate the value of your campaign’s images. Plenty of people will see eye-catching image first when looking at a myriad of messages. Making your image attractive, fun-filled, or even enlarging the prize in the image can help to get the user’s attention.

You Are Not Alone

Do you still remember the importance of KOLs and Weibo ads? Weibo campaigns are typically the best conduit for using promotions to give users the best experience. Through customizing key factors, KOLs, and Weibo ads you can significantly spread the message to those users who don’t follow you. Thankfully, they can still receive your campaign message and have a chance to participate your campaign.

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