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How to Create Powerful Tourism Posts on WeChat

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Data will always tell the truth about whether a WeChat post is successful or not. Easily stated, the number of reads is the first and foremost criterion, and shares, likes & comments only add to a post’s value.

When it comes to promoting tourism content on WeChat, apart from the numbers, we are also committed to encouraging more people to actually travel to the destination. Though it is sometimes beyond our capabilities to measure in some way, we still have this mission in mind when creating our content.

Take a closer look at the work we have done for the GoUSA WeChat account in China, and you’ll find some truly good insights on how to create powerful content for tourism are worth sharing.

Meet Chinese travellers’ key desires

Food & Drinks

In China, there is an old saying: 民以食为天, which means “Food is people’s paramount necessity”. In short, Chinese people just love food. When you pick up a topic of delicious local cuisine or famous restaurants in USA, these posts always generate high reads & engagements.

Take the posts “Where to Find the Best Seafood in the U.S.” and  “10 Best Doughnut Shops in the U.S.” for instance, which both have around 8K reads.

Shopping spots

When most Chinese people travel abroad, shopping for luxuries is a must. If you look at the data, they’ve shown the world their shopping enthusiasm and infinite spending power. So just meet their needs, and recommend them to potential shopping destinations. The post ”The Top 5 Places to Shop Hop in Houston” has a record-breaking reads number of over 24K.

Stick with popular destinations

Studies from Discover America have indicated the Top 10 US Destinations that Chinese people travelled to in 2014. This makes good reference for us to focus more on creating content for these cities, and it works.

Capitalize on hot topics

On social media, creating a hot topic or buzzword would be best, but it only happens occasionally and sometimes luck is needed. If you can’t create one, follow one. A post related to a hot topic can attract people to read & share. When news of President Obama appeared on ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ in Alaska it become a hot topic on China’s social media and we immediately created the post “ Why Obama Fell into the Wildness of Alaska”. It quickly hit 10K reads.

Hopefully these tips can increase the success and value of your Chinese social media campaigns. This is only the tip of the iceberg, so check back frequently on ways you can improve your social media strategy!

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