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How to fully take advantage of H5 for advertising on WeChat Moments

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

As we know, there are some key rules for advertisers to follow, such as targeting the right audience, launching at the right time, creating a consistent theme, having attractive content, etc. What most marketers may not know is that on WeChat, an H5 Page can also go a long way in advertisement dissemination.

According to research, only 12% of WeChat users will click on an interactive H5 page. Despite this, H5 pages are more visually attractive and richer in content. More importantly, the H5 page can be shared by netizens in their Moments, especially among a brand’s more loyal fans, enabling their friends to recognize the brand as well. H5 pages lubricate the word of mouth marketing process, allowing brands to not only communicate with loyal fan but also win a high number of new potential consumers.

Here are some recommendations on how to make H5 pages more attractive.

Imitating UI (User Interface)

Interactive Campaigns

You can creative cool H5 pages enabling users to see different effects by interacting on their smartphones. Users can have an excellent experience with this new form of interaction.  Interactive campaigns adapt to site activities and product launches; however, they may fail to be widely shared in Moments.


So far, quizzes have been popular, and netizens like to share the results on their Moments to compare with their friends. The trend of content quizzes is changing from psychology tests to future forecasts. For instance, netizens would like to engage in tests like what will your future husband look like’, ‘what role did you play in a hot TV drama in your last lifetime’, and ‘Upload your image to see how old you are’.


If users click on an H5 page, brands should seize the opportunity by making the game load time 5 seconds max, otherwise half of the users will bounce out. Another important thing to remember is that games should be easy to operate, or it will challenge users’ patience. Considering females also occupy a half of total users on WeChat, the image of the games should be colorful and cute enough to attract the most users possible.

Focus on the user

This is aimed at winning a user’s smile and their trust. It is recommended to make a short story and involve the user as a character within the story.

360 degree panoramic view

This is when you use several pictures and join them together to make a panoramic view. Users feel like they are standing in a virtual 3D space and they are able to click on every corner to see a different angle of the view, while also being able to zoom in for details. A hot H5 page of Durex has been shared in Moments widely, bringing netizens an amazing visual impact.

I believe that WeChat Moments advertisement is a good stepping stone for foreign brands who wish to build brand awareness in China, as WeChat is the most used micro messaging app in China. Hold on to the six keys I mentioned above for H5 pages, and you will prosper.

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