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How to Grow a Small Business using Chinese Social Media: Constance Hotel Case Study

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

With the rise of social media, online marketing has become even more cluttered. While large, well-known companies can have several marketing teams focused on coming up with the next few viral campaigns, it’s harder for small companies to cut through the noise.

Companies are constantly posting and launching campaigns on Weibo to keep followers engaged and talking. This may work for large companies because they already have a huge following, but smaller companies need to be more strategic and personal.

On Mailman Group’s Constance Hotels Weibo page, we launched a campaign that encouraged followers to share a photo of the hotel with two of their friends to win a Sony camera.

This campaign led to an astounding: 3,156,000 reads 193,873 entries 182,891 forwards

This is significant traction for a lesser-known brand. Our followers love to travel and document their journeys, so a high-end camera made the perfect prize to get our followers sharing.

Recently we launched a new campaign that featured two of the same photos of the resort, with minor differences, cuing followers to spot the differences between the two. The first time we ran this, it was so well received that we decided to run it again the following week. The second time we had double the amount of retweets and comments.

We kept followers engaged by replying to their comments and encouraging them to find more differences. The fans who were the first to guess correctly won travel kits.

Small businesses can make a big impact on social media, but it’s important to know your brand and your audience. Constance Hotels owns resorts in breathtaking destinations, so we decided to highlight that in our campaigns using photos of the venue. Since most of our followers are travel-enthusiasts, we gave out prizes that supported their wanderlust.

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