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How Tottenham Hotspur Used Chinese Social Media to Drive Fan Engagement During Chinese New Year

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, Mailman Group has embarked on a social media campaign with Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur in order to drive fan engagement in China.

The campaign’s main goal is to increase the quality of fan engagement in China through impactful original content and engaging fan contests. With the campaign already underway, we’ll take a brief look at some of the methods utilized in this campaign.

CNY Contest Build Up

On the club’s newly released Chinese website, a countdown started on February 11th releasing localized designs every day to build excitement around the upcoming CNY grand contest and mini-site launch.

CNY Contest

The main contest was launched on the club’s website on Sunday 15th. In order to win special prizes through the Hongbao (red envelope) contest, fans were invited to enter their name and email addresses. According to Mailman Group’s experience, contests are a great way to engage with fans and attract traffic to the site.


Stickers were created for download by Tottenham fans on the website for use on WeChat. Stickers are one of the top trends of peer-to-peer communication in China, and Tottenham are one of the first clubs to utilize this method of branding.

Year of the Goat

New content will be released on their website named “Spurs in the Year of the Goat”. Posts were constructed centering on Tottenham players born during the Year of the Goat and famous Tottenham events that took place during the Year of the Goat. This is a great way to educate young Chinese Spurs fans about the club’s history.

Retail Promotions

The global store launched specific China promotions for the festival period that were promoted by all digital platforms. By offering 50% off and free P&P for all deliveries over £40, the club were able to leverage Chinese New Year traditions centered around wearing and buying new clothes for family members.

Chinese New Years Eve

Research has found that the Internet relatively “shuts down” in China during the main festival period. It’s important that brands curtail their published content to reflect the downturn in Internet activity. For instance, debuting something that requires high-user engagement on this day would be very inadvisable.

Supporters Club

Tottenham Hotspur has 5 local supporter clubs, which are integral to increasing offline fan-bases. Mailman Group has a great relationship with these offline communities, and organised a fan Q&A with members from the different groups, leading to a higher sharing rate of CNY stories.

Sponsor Collaboration

One of Tottenham’s key sponsors, AIA, will collaborate with the club to produce content material showing their engagement with Chinese culture, predominantly concerning their celebration of the CNY holiday and China activations.

The Hongbao contest winner will be decided on February 28th. By driving meaningful and targeted interaction between the brand and its loyal followers, we expect to see a great turnout in entrants as well as positive buzz throughout Chinese social media channels!

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