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Updated: May 30, 2019

I can definitely tell my colleagues are really SERIOUS about sports and the sports brands we serve. Or this simply another reflection of Mailman’s company values: Innovation and Passion, two of our core values along with Service. Well, Service certainly applies here too, as we serve the best interest of people during one of the hottest summers ever in Shanghai.

By the time I am writing this, I have just wrapped up my third day at Mailman, and I already got my non-advertising friends excited about the company. “Sounds like a really cool place, somewhere I would want to work if I were in the advertising industry.” Yes, it’s really different. From the people, the vibe, to the overall culture, as soon as you feel it, you would know that whether you are a young professional hoping to work in the advertising industry, or a client with a Sports brand, you can expect to be put into good hands.

I want to write on, but I have to prepare 5 trivia questions about Mailman for our CEO in the hope of stumping him the newcomer. And you guessed it right, our CEO is one of the guys in shorts with a mini football in hand.

This is Hill from the Sports team. Nice to meet you all~

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