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Jason Mraz on Weibo: 20K Chinese fans in just 24 hours

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

———————— UPDATE ————————

Jason Mraz no longer holds the title for most number of Weibo followers in the shortest period of time!

FansTang celebrity CHACE CRAWFORD – who you may know from popular show Gossip Girl – tapped into Chinese social networks yesterday at 12pm with the below post:

Translated and moderated on FansTang, the post was pushed out to Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo,  attracting 55K fans in the first and 33K fans in the second in just 24 hours!

Absolute record. Well done Chace!


Jason Mraz, FansTang’s first celebrity to make a public appearance in China, kicked off his personal Weibo account just on Monday with the below post:

“I’m so proud to be including China in our tour of Asia this season. It’s gonna be “great!”(as in wall.) Love is expansive! Jason”

The post was forwarded over 2000 times and generated over 800 comments, but most importantly attracted the attention of 20k fans in under 24 hours!

Not bad for a Weibo debut!

The artist’s Weibo fans have increased enormously since the account was opened, now reaching over 50,000 followers. And counting.

There is no doubt Jason Mraz’s two concerts, hosted in Beijing and Shanghai respectively the 12th and the 14th on June, together with this huge online exposure will contribute to grow the singer’s China fan base exponentially.

Thanks to, Mailman’s latest collaboration with China Branding Group, the celeb will be able to keep updating all his China social network accounts and never disappoint his Chinese fans nor encounter cultural misunderstandings with the local authorities.

Fanstang is the no.1 platform for Western celebrities and athletes to connect and manage their China fan bases. The website intuitively syndicates all Facebook and Twitter posts from our clients’ accounts to our platform, then pushes the clients posts to the corresponding China social network accounts.

Jason Mraz’s Chinese fans are now growing by the minute.

To read more about Fanstang go here or check out the website.


Some of the Fanstang Team met Jason Mraz at his Shanghai concert yesterday!

Below some pictures.

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