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Jeremy Lin turned down millions in pursuit of his passion for the game

Just 2 years ago in the peak of ‘Linsanity’ fever, Jeremy Lin turned down millions in potential endorsements in pursuit of his passion for the game and fans. ““We’ve turned away almost everything, just because I do think my purpose is to play basketball, play well, and play for the glory of God,” Lin said in a telephone interview. “The stuff off the court is great and it’s fun, but it’s definitely secondary to my primary job.”

The former Harvard Graduate is increasingly busy off court and is one of the few NBA players with his own YouTube channel and actually creates his own content. In the off-season Lin joined the Whistle Sports Network as a content partner, adding his YouTube channel with almost 400,000 subscribers to the 8-month-old, sports-focused digital media platform. He’s the first athlete from one of the four major professional sports leagues in the U.S. to produce content for the company and received an undisclosed equity stake.His main reason was to connect with his fans.

His recent youtube content posts had him imagining his endorsements in a clever piece of content that creates further interest for his fans, his mass appeal and his commercial opportunities.

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