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JOB: Director Account Services

We are looking for an experienced manager to support our fast growing business.  Take a look and if this seems to fit your personality please contact the boss.


POSITION: FULL TIME (start immediately)

SALARY: 15,000 – 20,000 RMB NET (plus bonus on new business)

EXPERINCE REQUIRED: 5+ Years in strategy, consulting, marketing, team managing

REFERENCES REQUIRED: Min 2 references required

DESCRIPTION: Mailman is seeking a highly organised and motivated company leader to support the international business growth, general staff management with project managers and direct client management.  Our client base is all international so it will require some travel, however mostly spent in Shanghai in our headquarters.  Our business is in online business strategy which requires a good understanding of the digital environment; yet most importantly it requires intelligence and an aptitude for constant learning in this fast moving industry.


Ø  Developing organisational procedures for best management

Ø  General accountability and reporting of project managers

Ø  Creating plans and executing on those plans for business growth

Ø  Senior account liaison and support

Ø  Problem resolution and basic HR responsibilities

Ø  Reporting directly to CEO


ü  Personable and friendly (first impressions last)

ü  Assertiveness

ü  Punctual and highly organised

ü  Attentive and responsive

ü  Great communication

ü  Ability to work under pressure.

ü  Enjoyment of being social (we are very social)


ü  Fluent in speaking and writing Chinese & English

ü  Leadership

ü  Great attention to detail and focus

ü  Ability to predict problems and pre-empt

ü  Understanding of the digital landscape / marketing


Write directly to Andrew Collins the CEO; attach your resume + state:

–          Why you are great for the role

–          Any previous experience

–          What is your passion or things you enjoy doing

Contact Andrew ‘at’ mailmangroup ‘dot’ com OR 134 0208 1987.

You may also download this pdf file and share it.  Client_Director_Services_Mailman

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