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job: Project Manager


1. Understand the top line goals and the timeline required for results on key projects and generate a strategic solution to achieve goals for the client. Create strategy and manage effectiveness of campaigns.

2. Manage all online traffic flow to projects. Lead the team to achieve online targets (conversion rates, daily/weekly/monthly web traffic, etc) and monitor the results of online targets, ensuring that any variance from the target is identified promptly, communicated with the team and Project Director.

3. Ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction by delivering expected results and meaningful relationships with the company. Present project plans, status, and actions to clients. Where appropriate, have a great time entertaining clients on a regular basis.

4. Communication in this role is critical – the Project Manager ensures that open communication is demonstrated cross department, especially when hitting any challenge that requires cross-department problem resolution.

5. Manage cross-functional processes, identify resources needed, assign and prioritize tasks/responsibilities and ensure deadlines are met. Create procedures to effectively assess project performance

6. Interface between multiple departments, Web product teams, graphic designers, marketing, content, and developers to manage quality of sites/applications

7. Drive day-to-day prioritization of work operations, projects and scope, troubleshoot reported issues and create new processes to improve/maintain quality control.

 8. Review creative ideas and drive innovation.

 9. Work closely with the Project Director to assess performance across the team and review staff performance as scheduled.

Specific Measures of Success

 1. Business Development – secure 2 – 3 new projects within the year

2. Online KPIs – achieve client targets for web traffic volume, weibo members, and lead generation (to be specified for specific Project Managers)

3. Campaign Creation & Execution – Design and direct to completion 2 – 3 successful campaigns per project per year, achieving the KPIs targeted within the campaign framework

4. Budget Execution:  Following trend analysis and market research, ensure that client marketing budget is spent in the most impactful manner possible – demonstrating that budget spent was able to meet KPIs targeted according to campaign framework

 5. People Development & Topgrading – ensure a team of 90% A Players and continuously develop the team’s project management abilities


SALARY: Negotiable

START DATE: Immediately

To apply, send your CV to giulia (at) mailmangroup . com

OR call +86 21 64459899


Don’t meet the job criteria? Think you’d be fit for another position? Check out our job opening below and pick what suits YOU best!

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